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Katie wrote: Infinity Photo & Video was the best choice I could have made when it came to picking a vendor to capture my wedding day with pictures and video!! My husband, family and I are absolutely in love the pictures and video we received from our wedding. Tomas and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. We worked with him from our engagements to my bridals to our wedding day and did not have any complaints at all! Tomas was extremely accommodating and responded quickly to any questions via email and phone. During our sessions, he coached us through as my husband and I are not natural models so we need to a little bit of guidance, but he always made sure we were comfortable! During our wedding day, the whole team was on time and just knew what to do! I hardly even knew they were at my wedding, but they captured every single detail!! If you are not sure about wanting a video, I highly recommend doing it! I just got my video over the weekend and have already watched it 100 times. It is so great to be able to relive the day since you are so caught up in the moment the day of and miss so many special things! Use Infinity Photo & Video to capture your wedding day, you will not regret it!

Monica wrote: Infinity Video captured the most perfect and most beautiful moments from our wedding in San Antonio. While watching our wedding video, we laughed, cried, smiled, and it truly felt as if my husband and I re-lived the best night of our lives. The Infinity staff were extremely friendly and made the booking process so easy for us over the phone, as we were living in a different state. Not to mention, they are very affordable and I felt like we received more than what we paid for! On the day of the wedding, they showed up on time, they never rushed us or made us do anything that felt unnatural. I can't believe all the special moments they captured during our ceremony and reception, as I don't remember seeing much of them. They were never in our faces and asked very little of us the day of the wedding. I highly recommend this company! Look through their sample videos on their website, there is not one video that didn't make me cry, laugh, or smile. Thank you Infinity for the amazing job that you did and capturing memories that are with us forever!

Natalie wrote: I did a lot of research before choosing a videographer and I'm so glad that I went with Tomas at Infinity Video. I am SO HAPPY with my wedding videos. Many of our friends and family are so impressed by the quality of the production and how professional it looks. What I loved most about watching the videos, is that I feel like I'm a guest at my own wedding. I can see how everything looked, what my guests were doing, and all the special moments that the day offered. The day really does fly by but I love that I can go back and relive the moments and catch things I didn’t get to see. It is clear that Infinity Video have been doing this for a long time and it shows that they are experienced videographers. They use top notch equipment and was virtually invisible at our wedding. We went with an option to do interviews before the wedding and WOW, it was so moving to hear each of us talk about the other. I highly recommend that. I know Videography often gets overlooked in a brides budget but its WORTH IT. Infinity Video is reasonable and you get an amazing value for what you pay. I would highly recommend Tomas and Infinity Video to anyone wanting to capture their big day!